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Do the water conditioner really work for an aquarium?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Why do company sell water conditioner to fish hobbyists? Is it a good solution or is it just the way of making money for these companies?

Here is my story as I like to experiment with my aquarium...

I wanted to test seachem products for ammonia , nitrite and nitrate...I choose to try seachem safe and the liquid form seachem prime in some other tanks..

My story:

As I was travelling and did not have anyone in the house..The electricity in the house had failed and there was no way it come for 5 hours...when I reached home by the time the electricity had still not come..most of the fish were gasping for breath or had died in my 5feet tank due to ammonia, nitrite issues

...I quickly realised I had to do something , 1) I removed the dead fish (lost 18 of them)

2) I changed half the water immediately

3) Dosed the water with seachem Safe

Waited for half an hour and almost felt I will loose some more...and believe me I did not loose a single fish after dosing with

..I always thank seachem for this wonderful product and I always use it during water change...Till this date after the tragedy which occurred to me 8 months back I have not lost a single fish...

In my eheim canister I started using de nitrate , matrix as my media filter with other media...I am a total fan of Seachem.

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