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Fx4 , Fx6

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M series Heater

307canister, 407 canister, 207 canister

Fluval India

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Buy Fluval Products in India at Aquafishcare - An authorized seller for the Fluval range of canisters, Fx4 canisters, and Fx6 canisters call 9821798612 for further enquires.


 Aquafishcare is delighted to be associated with Fluval India range of products. Fluval has been the pioneer in the Aquatic Industry since 1975 by introducing the world’s first 3-stage filter with synchronous motor technology – a landmark breakthrough that is still applied in the industry today. With the ease of the functionality of its products, constant innovation in technology, and great customer service Fluval has been able to build products to help every aquarist, whether it's a beginner or professional, there is a solution for everyone. 

At Aquafishcare. we always believe in social responsibility and we care for the environment. We are extremely happy to hear that Fluval prides itself on its charitable and educational efforts that give back to the fishkeeping community.

Fluval has got a wide range of products from the technically advanced Fluval G series to a stylish and compact range of canisters like the 07' series to Fx4, and Fx6. Fluval has got every aquarist in mind from Nano aquariums to 1500 liters. 

Fluval also has the M series and the E series of Heaters which takes the heating technology to a different level. With High-Temperature Silver Nickle Pointed Thermostat, Hardened Ultra Durable Borosilicate Glass, and Exclusive 20 Ring sealing system surrounded by a unique mirrored finish make the M series the most stylish backed with precision heater for an Aquarium. The more advanced digital E series heater is a technology marvel with its Microprocessor technology with dual sensors to provide accurate and real-time water temperature readings. Additionally, with a Protective casing the E- series prevents fish and décor from coming into contact with or damaging the heater core.

Fluval Bug bites are an insect-based premium food. 40% of its ingredients are made from the Black soldier larvae which are fed on organic matter for around 2 weeks, then dried and mixed with quality ingredients, vitamins, and proteins. An Aquarium fish grows healthy naturally with excellent scales and color. Bug bites are both available in pellets and flakes. What makes it more unique is its process making of the fish food which is world class and from a single source. This guarantees uniform quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Fluval has answers to every aquarist whether in Marine or freshwater or even in setting up a Planted tank. ( Fluval Stratum Soil Shrimp friendly)



Do visit us for more exciting products and updates on the Fluval range of products in India.  

Capture the Beauty Of BUG BITES

Do you want to give your fish the best possible chance at a long and healthy life?

Then you need to feed them Fluval Bug Bites. This fish food is made from insects fed organic vegetables and fruits, then dried. This makes it the natural fish food , and it's packed with all the nutrients your fish need to thrive.

Features & Benefits:

-Made from insects: This is the natural diet for fish, and it's packed with nutrients they need.

-High-quality ingredients: Bug Bites come with power-packed  ingredients, including salmon and other vital vitamins, to ensure your fish get a complete and nutritious diet.

-Strict quality control: Fluval maintain strict quality control standards to ensure that the food is fresh and of the highest quality.

-Single source ingredients: The use of ingredients from a single source to ensure consistency and quality.

How it works:

Fluval Bug Bites is the perfect food for your fish. The insects (BSFL) in this food are packed with nutrients that your fish need to stay healthy and thrive. The use of only the highest quality ingredients, and  strict quality control standards ensure that the food is fresh and of the highest quality. Quality fish food provides easy digestibility and no wastage. Food is consumed within two minutes. 

Call to action:

Give your fish the best possible chance at a long and healthy life by feeding them Fluval Bug Bites. Order today!



Suhas Kulkarni, Mumbai

"My fish love this food, and I can see a difference in their health since I started feeding it to them."

Kawalpreet, New Delhi

"I was hesitant to try this food, but I'm so glad I did. My fish are healthy and happy, and I know I'm giving them the best possible chance at a long life."

Mithlesh, West Bengal.

"This is the best fish food I've ever used. My fish are healthy and vibrant, and they love the taste."


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