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Through our various experience with Aquafishcare,  strongly recommends Seachem products for creating a good environment in the Aquarium for all Marine as well as Freshwater Fish. We strongly recommend Seachem products also for treating fish disease. 

5 Common Fish Diseases Plus Prevention and Cure

1. Fin Rot

2. Swim Bladder Disorder

3. Body Flukes

4. Dropsy

5. ICH

We have medicines to cure the above-mentioned diseases.  Paraguard can be used to cure the Ich effectively.  Discus, Cichlids, Community Fish, and Arowana. You can use the medicines and water conditioner for all types of Fish

Dealing with fish diseases isn’t fun, and we’re sure you don’t want to see your fish buddies suffer or go through stress. Prevention is key to making sure your tank mates' lives are long and happy.

Remember to purchase fish that are free of all signs of stress and disease. When choosing a fish to purchase, take your time to make sure that the other fish in the tank are healthy.

It would be a good idea to even place all new fish in a quarantine tank for 2 weeks to make sure that your newly purchased fish isn’t going to bring new parasites and contaminate your existing tank.

If buying new plants, make sure they are clean before placing them into your new tank. Keep movement and handling to a minimum when purchasing new fish to reduce stress. Using Stress Guard from Seachem benefits the fish and heals any wound that occurred during transportation. 

Avoid drastic water changes, keep the tank clean and water parameters stable. Feed your fish a healthy diet and don’t overcrowd your tank.

Common Fish Diseases Treatable with MetroPlex from Seachem

Ich (White Spot) can also be effectively treated by Paraguard from Seachem


Hole in the Head / Head and Lateral Line Erosion

Common Fish Diseases Treatable with PolyGuard from Seachem

Fin Rot

Mouth Rot

Ich (White Spot)

Hemorrhagic Septicemia


Common Fish Diseases Treatable with KanaPlex from Seachem


Cloudy Eye

Fin Rot

Hemorrhagic Septicemia


Mouth Rot

Seachem products available in India at

When our pets are sick, we immediately want to reach for the most powerful medication on the shelf. However, sometimes the right choice to prevent stress is to opt for a gentler medication at first, especially with less severe infections. PolyGuard is among Seachem’s strongest medications and is best used when you are unsure what disease you are treating or when the fish is suffering from multiple infections.


Its signs include the presence of small white spots resembling a sprinkle of salt grains on the body and gills.

Cloudy Eye

Cloudy eye is due to severe stress resulting from water quality. Old age, or malnutrition (lack of vital vitamin) can also all lead to this condition.

Dropsy results in swelling of the Body of the fish. There are many possible causes for dropsy, organ failure, wrong water chemistry, poor aquarium hygiene
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