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Discus Breeder with a Swag

Meet extremely talented founder of S.A.Fisheries - Mr.Musauvir Qureshi - A Breeder of Discus, A Kickboxer who represented Maharashtra and a Third year student in Chemical Engineering. He is in interview with Mr.Sunil Dcosta founder of &, sharing his experience in Breeding Discus.

  • Sunil Dcosta : What are the challenges of raising good quality discus fries?

  • Musauvir : The most challenging thing is maintaining the water Quality since you've to feed them 5-6 times a day, the eater gets quiet dirty and ammonia rich. So you've to do daily water changes without fail.


  • Sunil Dcosta : What is your view on using RO water to breed discus? Is there any benefit? Also your views on mixing discus from different countries or different waters? Is it safe to have discus from various sources in one tank?

  • Musauvir : The Lower the TDS, the higher the yield. But staying in surburban or new Bombay. Its necessary in my opinion. I am for quarantining the fish for atleast 4-6 weeks and it is very crucial before mixing. Anti biotic medicines or anti parasitic medicine is extremely necessary during quarantining process.


  • Sunil Dcosta : What do you consider as Healthy Discus? Can Eye be a good indicator of the fish health? Also recommended  pH Level?

  • Musauvir : A healthy discus will not shy away and hide. It will always be in the forefront when you go to buy it. Regarding eyes they should not suffer from any cloudy eyes or any kind of damage to the eye. Its better to check your investment and then buy it. Always buy from the trusted source.

  • Musauvir : Discus can survive in pH upto 7.5 to 8 optimally but above it will struggle to survive. Look Discus is very sensitive to water changes and besides that we need to take care that there is no tremendous fluctation in the temperature too.


  • Sunil Dcosta : Is it true that if the babies are separated very early do not breed and they dont have parental instinct?

  • Musauvir : No that is not True, but keeping them together for atleast 3-4 weeks is optimum.

  • Sunil Dcosta : There is a constant debate about bare bottom tank or planted tank?

  • Musauvir :- I will rather go in for a bare bottom tank as its low on maintenance and very low chances of any anaroebic bacteria developing in the substrate. Planted tank comes with its own share of maintenance problem. Because you need to feed them high protein food and I am worried that the uneaten food might just infest the plants and substrate and might cause ammonia spike. Planted tanks are very highon maintenance when it comes to discus. 


  • Sunil Dcosta : Is it easy to Sex up discus? And How long can a pair produce quality fries?

  • Musauvir :- The best indicator is their breeeding tube which does not show completely unless the have laid (female) or fertilized(male) eggs. ITs important to give a pair breaks between 2-3 breeds to bring up their strength.

  • Sunil Dcosta : What is an Ideal Food? So much talk about bloodworms ? Beef heart?

  • Musauvir : Avoid feeding bloodworms, It is so difficult to trust any source. Everyone says their bloodworms are sterilised. Australian Black worms is good source of food. Beef heart mix and even GHM with spirulina mix can give the high protein diet. Hikari food is another source of dry food . I have recently added new food from Ocean Nutrition - Discus Flakes and my discus have been enjoying and instantly taken into it. I was bit suprised but without a fuss they readily took Discus flakes from Ocean Nutrition. Also feed them Brine shrimp flakes for some added vitamins.

  • Sunil Dcosta : What are the different types of strains do you sell? Any favourite? Any best selling strains from your stable ( S A Fisheries)?

  • Musauvir : New Hobbyist tend to buy solids such as Reds, Yellows, Blues, Browns but as they progress in the discus Hobby they start going in for patterned discus. But at the end of the day its personal preference. I personally prefer patterned discus over solids. 


  •  Sunil Dcosta : One last question before winding up this interesting interview , What are your tips for a hobbyist to consider buying discus?

  • Musauvir : 20mins daily on a discus tank and 30-45 mins weekly for wall scrubbing preferred. A daily 20-30% water change will tke you a long way with almost no problem with disease..A Bare bottom takn in my opinion is the best if you dont have enough time to give to your discus. Stick to the basics and you will enjoy the discus keeping hobby. 

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