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Aquarium Fish Food Tips


So first of all congratulations to you on having a Fish Tank...Vow it sounds, GREAT!!

So next What??  you have a great fish out there with great accessories and water quality...The Fundamental question to ask yourself is - Should I give them cheap food available in the market, Cheap flakes, Cheap pellets, etc...Ask yourself a question ?? Would I stay healthy eating Junk Food in the long run, the answer is NO you will remain sluggish, obese, etc? This is exactly what happens if you give your fish the available cheap junk fish food in the market.


The cheap junk food will cloud the water, Bloat the fish's stomach, water quality will deteriorate because of lots of waste and eventually clog the filtration ...So the Question to ask yourself DO U want your fish to DIE? If your answer is YES then. Carry on buying cheap fish food products and let your Fish die. And please do not read this ARTICLE any further.

But if you believe in giving your fish the best nutrients and enjoy seeing them lively and healthy then this Article is just for you. We are very happy to know that you have said NO to junk cheap fish food and please read further...


Facts about fish food nutrition

It's very important to maintain water quality and nutrition. 

Fish are a highly diverse group, there are herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. and meeting each species' nutritional needs is very difficult, the fish food you choose should combine proteins, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements into a single diet. More important it should not contain artificial coloring, pigmentation, and fillers.

The nutrition supplied to your aquarium companions is the most important factor in keeping many species alive in captivity; yet enthusiasts will spend thousands of dollars on their fish, corals, aquarium stands, filters, heaters, lighting systems, reef controllers, and more. Yet when deciding their companions’ optimum diet, they either blindly follow the cues provided by armchair experts or choose their food based on the images on the label.

So the next question arises, Do I buy fish food with eye-catching images or try to read the ingredients??. It's always good to buy natural fish food that is made from 100 percent Marine-grade so that your aquarium tankmates get the best nutrition found in the natural habitat...This will give them natural colors and a good appetite and you will see them grow to their fullest potential. 


Good food should contain a whole meal (not just the meal mentioned), a balanced diet of spirulina, and most of all proteins - whole meal, Krill, sardine, Omega 3, necessary Vitamins, and a lot more. Please buy fish food which is free from Artificial Colours, Artificial Pigmentation, Free from ETHOXYQUIN and Free from Fillers...This will not only provide natural nutrition but also the tank habitats will look happier with good quality water.  

But there is a price to pay for a premium product...A minor adjustment to your pockets can go a long way to a healthy aquarium and you can call yourself a Proud Owner and showoff. 

At Aquafishcare, we promote a balanced diet to the Fish at an affordable rate. We deal with fish food brands after testing in our aquariums. Each fish's diet requirements are different. We deal with Ocean Nutrition flakes   and NLS (New Life Spectrum

We believe in marketing through education, because “an educated consumer is our best customer”. That’s the purpose of this article. The same understanding of the dietary needs of fish we share here is the knowledge that has gone into the formulas. It’s also why we feel passionate about exposing myths, marketing gimmicks, and falsehoods about aquarium nutrition circulating within the hobby.

If you want more information, I will be happy to advise you, because we care for your FISH.

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