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Meet Anees Khan from India. Who owns the spoonhead violet fussion super  Red Arowana from last 8 years . He shares his knowledge on caring for an Arowana. He is multi talented hobbyist . Read about his tips on food and care. 

Versatile Hobbyist - Focus Arowana  

   Star of the Month 

Mr.Anees Khan has the quality of an all rounder who has found peace in nature around him. Surrounded by Trees , Pond, pets - DOG, Bird Macaw, Discus , Arowana and a superb Planted tank with community fish in it. Here he is in talks with Sunil Dcosta the proprietor of throwing in some light on his favourite majestic aquatic dragon - The Spoonhead Violet fussion Super Red AROWANA. 


Q : What is the type of Arowana you have and its size when you  brought it ?  And how long do you have it? And the Size Now?

Anees: I have a Spoonhead Violet fussion Super Red Arowana from Qian Hu. He's been with me for 8 years. I had brought him when he was just 5inch but has grown to its optimum size of 2 Feet. I am so happy to have him and everyone considers him to be the part of our family. 

Q: What made you to go for a Super Red Arowana? And not the common Silver Arowana?

Anees : This particular Arowana has immense colors only once they grow up as the name suggests. The Shape too is completely different compared to the silver Arowana. The only tricky part was the wait and the care once would need to take to actually see the colors and Size.

Q: What size of the tank do you recommend for a new hobbyist for Arowana?

Anees : I have raised my Arowana in a 7 feet tank from the beginning. At that time I thought it was too big for him. But, eventually as it has grown after 8 years the tank  seems fair enough size for it. Though I would love to put him in a 12 feet aquarium. You will be suprised that in these last 8 years he has never been removed out of the tank. He is now super 2 feet long.

Hence for a beginner I would recommend the bigger the better. The beginner should have a commitment towards this majestic Dragon, and also a lot of patience. You cannot put an Arowana in a 3 feet tank. Its very cruel and the depth of the tank is also important as they need to turn around without any difficulty. 

Q: What are your views on the maintenance and filteration for an Arowana tank?

Anees : This is a very important question for any hobbyist. It is mostly seen that a hobbyist will invest in a fish but not in a proper filteration system or they will invest in a a very poor filteration which will be inedequate for the dimension of the tank. The size of the tank matters for an Arowana , so is the good filteration. Arowana's generally prefers to be left alone without much intervention. Having a barren tank  makes lot of sense. As the fish grows large in size, the quantity of its excreta increases too hence, regular siphoning and scraping of the base is important. A driftwood may  damage its scales due to its rapid movement. Filteration capacity should be 7 times the volume of the aquarium with good filter media.

Q: What is the most common disease which can happen to an Arowana?

Anees: Bad filteration can lead to bad water quality that may cause FIN and tail ROT. Infected live feed may cause parasatic disease leading the Arowana to give up food for a few weeks at a stretch.

Q: What is the Feed you give to your Arowana? Heard they are finicky eaters

Anees: Arowana gets tired due to one kind of food. I feed Arowana with feeder goldfish (Only after quarantining them for atleast a month), earthworms, tadpoles, Superworms etc. My Arowana prefers live feed as it is a predator fish. Interestingly, an adult Arowana can stay off food for almost 3 weeks.

Q: What are the essential quality to look forward in buying an Arowana?

Anees: Buy an Arowana which is 7-8 inch in size. Check the fin and tail for any visible damage.

Make sure that an Arowana is highly active in the tank of the seller and check on its movement.

If its an import from a known person, then they have usually a chip within which can be scanned for accurate details of the fish.

Q: What are the characteristics you have found in your Arowana?

Anees: I believe my Arowana has been my lucky mascot. He is magnificient with its noticible scales of red and dazzling gold. His graceful movement is truly majestic and royal. A True king in spirit sits in my aquarium.

Truly Blessed to have him.



seachem Safe.jpg

Versatile Anees Khan with his favourite Bird - The Macaw


The well thought Under water Garden created by Mr.Anees Khan

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