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Dog Food

What to watch out ?

Are you Feeding the Right Dog food to your furry friends. Have you ever read the ingredient label mentioned on the Pack?

Or Do you buy Dog food only by its packing GIMMICK?

Wake -up and know the facts about Dog Food and SAVE your Dog from Junk Food. Let your Dog live longer. 

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Are you feeding your Dog healthy food? Is your Dog finicky when eating a certain food? Does your Dog have an allergy? Does your Dog suffer from Stomach ailments? Does your Dog have dental problems? Will the food protect the Fur of the dog?

What type of Dog food is the right food for my pet? There are so many Questions to answer when it comes to the right Dog food. Is it Grain Free? Gluten, or soy-free? So many varieties of dog food to choose from in the Indian market. Or, are we spoilt for choices but in the right way?


Nowadays since the covid pandemic, the market for Dog food has grown. Many households have brought a dog or adopted a dog at home. They want to give them the best wholesome diet. The owners of the pet are well aware of the quality of pet food sold in the market. Many of the owners are conscious of giving their pets wholesome meals and are very conscious of their diet. Most of them are a confused lot when they enter a pet store.

Gone are the days the owners use to give their Dogs mostly milk. But, sometimes I wonder whether it is safe to give dairy products. Did you know that lactose intolerance can be in dogs too? Dogs do exhibit dairy allergies such as Red inflamed Skin, Itchiness, scratching, Facial swelling, Difficulty in breathing, Hair loss, etc. High fat in whole milk consumption can lead to pancreatitis for your dog, which can become a serious condition. It is necessary to check on the Dog after consumption of the milk in 12 hours. If your Dog has some distress or Gastro problems please walk your Dog. And suppose you see that your Dog has a lactose intolerance issue, please do take it to the Vet.

Always check the ingredients of the Food – Some contain Xylitol, maltodextrin, polydextrose, and sorbitol which can seriously be toxic to your furry dog.

It is important to know the breed of the Dog, and type of the food intake – Dry food, Wet food, or any special food recommended by the Vet. 

Understanding our pet’s immune system and bodily requirements is very important.  If the dog has continuous problems like Diarrhoea, itchy skin, rough coat, persistent ear problems, or gland problem you most probably looking at some food reaction.


Before, zeroing in on food products it becomes necessary to understand the food that is causing problems for the dog. Observation of the dog after eating a particular food is necessary.

Scary Truth of the Dog Food

Check the label of Dog Food. The Top 5 ingredients will decide what quality of Dog food is made of, and you will be surprised to know that some of the brands available state these ingredients in the Top 5, and the consumers are not aware of their effect. Let's consider some facts about a few of the ingredients and their effects on Dog Health.

  • Never buy Dog food that just mentions Meat Meal. This can be harmful to the dog's health. Do not buy the product if the label is not clear. Premium food will always state what is inside the food pack.

  • Never buy Dog food that has corn mentioned on its ingredient label. Corn can increase the chances of Diabetes as it contains sugar.

  • Is your Dog Food Gluten free? The presence of Gluten (Wheat, Barley, and Rye) in the feed can result in the irritation of the intestines of the Dog.

  • Refrain from Dog food which means By-products (Quality food will never have this mentioned). This topic is highly debatable. By-products of animals can be leftovers of an Animal such as organs, Liver, Lungs, heads, Brains, spleen, Blood, Kidneys, spleen, Intestines, feathers, hair, hoves, etc. Will you eat the leftovers of an animal in your diet? So why give your pet Dog? Most Companies use these by-products to cut the cost of making the feed. Surprisingly, the top-ranking food which you think is good contains by-products. Some even go to an extent of stating that there is chicken, and the second ingredient will be Chicken (by-product) So what exactly is the protein level of the food? It is very difficult to know from the manufacturer what type of by-product is used in the food. 

  • Never buy Dog food or cat food which has generic terms like Meat-meal, Meat with bone meal, Animal - by-product meal as it can be anything from dead on road animal, dead by arrival poultry, diseased in Dying live Stock,     

  • Are there any preservatives or artificial colors in the food? This will create some Allergy issues in your Furry friends.

  • Ask yourself whether complete Veg Food is suitable for dog Health. If you are vegan and you want to give your pet only Veg . then sorry to say that you dont need a Dog or even a cat. instead, of buying a Rabbit or an animal that requires a Veg Diet. Dogs and Cats require higher protein levels for their growth and not total carbs. You are depriving your dog of having a high-protein diet that can never be found naturally in veg food. There will be the addition of a Soy meal just to increase the protein level in a dog meal. A soy meal is not good for dogs as the Anti-nutrients in Soy can cause digestive issues like diarrhea, gas, and bloating. 

  • The damage lectins do in the gut may lead to the leaky gut syndrome. A 2018 international study found that soybean agglutinin (the main antinutrient in soy) ” … negatively affects the intestinal structure, intestinal permeability, mucosal immune system, and intestinal flora” (3). Leaky gut in dogs causes many chronic health issues … including allergies, arthritis, and autoimmune disease.


Let us check on some ingredients that are very beneficial and provide adequate proteins for the growth of the Dog.

Does your Dog food contain the following:-


  • Quality Chicken Protein to maintain strong and lean muscles,

  • Omega-3 and omega-5  for healthy skin and a beautiful Coat. This can be derived from Fish, Fish oils

  • Antioxidant-Rich in Fruits and vegetables to build up a resilient immune system 

  • Optimum blend of prebiotics for a healthy digestive system

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support.

  • Food is Free from preservatives and artificial colors.

Point to Note:- Artificial Preservatives like BHA and BHT  are commonly considered Tumor promoters. Some studies show that this increases behavioral aggression and also results in slow learning. The experiment was done on Mice. Some common preservative like the use of potassium sorbate listed as a skin, eye, and respiratory irritant, has been shown to damage white blood cells and may also contribute to tumor formation. While there are natural antioxidants like Blueberry, so why do the above mentioned preservatives used? 



How many times to feed a Dog?


Experts like Dr.Karen Becker recommend that the Dog needs to be fed at least twice a day. A gap of 8 hours needs to be maintained between each meal. Too much Feed can result in Obesity and can complicate matters.


Build up your Dog's Defenses with healthy vitamins, Minerals and powerful antioxidants. When choosing a supplement look at the following ingredients : Antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, B-Vitamins, lactoferrin, ALA (Alpha lipoic Acid), and Chondroitin.   

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