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Being in the hobby for the last 40 years in Mumbai, compelled me to start "Aquafishcare". I always felt if the fish hobby needs to grow, then the beginners need proper guidance to have a quality setup and at the same time enjoy and be less stressed in maintaining an aquarium. 


Our Mission

Aquafishcare was established to celebrate every milestone of an Aquarist. It is our mission to educate buddying Aquarists by providing them with valuable information on quality aquarium products and services with the most satisfying ownership experience. 

Our Vision

To be a company that will provide a 360-degree holistic view in India regarding Aquarium products.

We impart knowledge and care to the hobbyist who invests a lot of money and time in setting up an Aquarium. We endeavor to give the hobbyist the best care for their fish while being responsible and respecting Aquatic life. 

What do we do?

  • We sell imported Discus across India through our Tie-up with CKz Discus House- House of Champions.

       Please visit CKz Discus House to send us your inquiry. 

  • Please Note:- We do not sell Live fish through our shopping cart. Please call or WhatsApp on 9821798612 your requirement.

  • We are authorized sellers for Seachem in India. Seachem is sold in more than 60+ countries worldwide. Get Authentic Seachem products from us at a reasonable price.

  • NLS is a revolutionary fish food product sold for the last 30 years.

  • We deal in Fish Medicines, filter media, and water conditioners from Seachem and established aquarium planted solutions from TROPICA & FLUVAL STRATUM. 

  • We also deal in premium Eheim Classic canister series 2215 and 2217

  • We bring to you world-class technology revolution Fluval range of products - Fx2,Fx4, Fx6, and other 07' series of canisters.

  • Introducing Bug Bites, insect-based fish food in India from Fluval.

  • Introducing reliable Atman heaters to budget Buyers. Get ready for the change in Temperature.

  • We have also authorized sellers for BIOHOME Ultimate and BIOHOME Gravel. One of the most used Bio media in Aquariums across the world.

  • We do maintenance of fish tanks in our local area only. - Malad West. Both residential as well as commercial.


At Aquafishcare, we believe in creating an ecosystem of aquarist hobbyists coming together on a single platform and helping the community to grow by imparting and sharing knowledge of this wonderful hobby in India. We are also happy to have our First retail Aquarium store in Mumbai.

JOIN US by subscribing to our website and helping us to help and serve you better!!

Authorised Sellers in India

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New Life Spectrum (NLS)
Seachem Aquafishcare
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