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4 Reasons: Why my Aquarium Fish not Eating?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I had brought home some mollies from my local Fish Shop and I was very happy then one day suddenly some of them stopped eating, it was a matter of concern to me. And then they started dying one by one. I did not know what to do. This was around 25 years back. In this article, I am trying to educate new hobbyists as to what went wrong then, so that they do not repeat the mistake. Here are my 4 Reasons to avoid it.:-

Bad water quality tank
bad water quality tank

1) Bad Water Quality:- When the maintenance of the tank is very poor it results in bad quality of water. There is a heavy load on the Filters and the food that we give to the fish adds to more stagnation of the water and results in a change in the PH of the water. It adds to a lot of stress on the fish. Fish stops eating and the food remains at the bottom of the tank resulting in the Ammonia spike, Nitrite, and nitrate resulting in the fish's death.

Digital Temperature
Digital temperature

2) Temperature: During the summers the water temperature shoots up. Though the Fish in the aquarium are active the oxygen in the water takes a dip. Few fish adapts to the changes in the environment. It leads to stress in the fish. The same goes with the low temperature, the metabolism of the fish gets affected and the fish might not eat especially when the temperature falls below 22 deg. It's better to observe your fish during this time and do your maintenance. The temperature plays havoc in the tank if neglected.

Territorial Fish
Territorial Fish

3) Territorial:- Fish grow and become big and territorial. The Males fight with each other to establish territory. When a new fish is introduced to the tank the other fish might chase him eventually leading to death. Many fish in the tank due to the crowd and little space are stressed out from constant picking from dominant males. This results in a lack of interest in fish food.

4) Water Hardiness and PH level:- If there is any deviation in the hardiness and the PH Level, the discomfort will likely prevent the fish from eating properly.

That's why the hardness and acidity of the water should be monitored daily. Some chemicals can immediately correct these deviations.

Tetra fish with ich
Tetra Fish with ich

BONUS:- Disease:- The outbreak of diseases such as diseases otheand r disease make the fish eat very less and less interested in the food. In this condition, you must at once treat the whole tank against the disease.

We recommend Seachem Products such as Seachem Prime and their effective medicine to treat disease in the tank. you can check their website for more details.


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