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Why do I feed insects based fish food to my aquarium fish??

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Most of the Fish are omnivorous in nature. Insects are not only a delightful treat to animals but also to fish. Insects are rich in lipids, protein and calories. Experiments conducted on some fish species concluded that fish with diets consisting of 25-50% acridid meal not only yielded good results but have shown better measurements in all growth parameters than for those fed with 100% market-available fishmeal. A great insect based fish food helps in breeding quality fries.

Coming to an aquarium setup , it is very important to feed them quality fish food that comprimises natural ingredients which does not produce waste unncessary thereby creating a burden on nitrifying bacteria and the eco system in general in an aquarium.

A very big advantage of giving your aquarium fish an insects based fish food is that you also become a very social responsible person in reducing carbon emissions, while also reducing the consumption of wild fish stock. Insects represent a growing source of sustainable protein.

I have been amazed with the protein level of an insect called Black soldier fly..These insects have a very short life and are very clean and are beneficial to fish and also other animals. They produce very fast in nature and are sustainable. I was looking forward to an insect based fish food product to my aquarium friends and was searching the internet when I bumped into a product ( Bug Bites) from Fluval category - the Hagen company which represents quality, precision in whatever they do. I was delighted to hear about Bug Bites and test this product and it has been a breathtaking experience , where my fish just loved it from the day one. The top 3 ingredients of the fish food contains 40% of the insects larve (BSFL) and it also contains high quality salmon protiens rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 combined with Amino acids and minerals for feeding and raising an healthy fish in an aquarium. Black Soldier Fly larvae is so safe that they are CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved for use in foods to feed fish raised for human consumption!

What interested me was the harvesting process BSFL (Black soldier fly larve) the main ingredient of this fish food which is used by the manufacturer of the Bug Bites. The Black Soldier fly larve is fed on vegetable and fruits for around 14 days in a controlled environment thus observing the quality and then dried up and mixed with other top ingredients. Now everything happens in batch wise and also carefully inspected by strict quality control personnel at the manufacturing unit.

No artificial colours, no hormones , no Fillers and Unknowingly, I am excited to be part of the sustainable environment.


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