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What is your main Attraction in your Aquarium @ Home?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As a kid when I went to a zoo or Circus, I was always over excited to see the main attraction...I use to be impatient to see the main act in a circus because it was termed as "the act of the circus"

So as I came into this hobby and now part of the business, I applied the same principle or should I say an idea to make my aquarium at home to stand out.

It can be anything a particular Fish, decor or a particular rare plant...

When guests come to visit you they need to be in awe of your tank..Try making a story around something in your tank, they will love it...

Coming to my planted tank " Bark of Life" - centre point in my tank is a unique piece of driftwood on which Anubias, buceplandra, moss grows...there is lot of fun going on in my tank around this part of wood...My

Sa ri lankan guppies love to play around it, my ottocinclus just loves to keep it clean..I call them my most precious workers...My angels dominate their space around it...there is a hell of activity around it.. I have not put another driftwood on a purpose because I wanted to create The "Bark of life".

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