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Why Flowerhorn ? fascination, Our Story

Updated: Feb 1

Why flower horn? This is our fascination. Our Story

NeverthoughtIwouldI woulddbeinterestedd in a lowerrhornn. But now I am getting fascinated by these gentle beautiful "Man-Made Species meaning it "Does not occur in the Wild". It is a hybrid species. They say Flowerhorn brings luck to the owners. Don't know how far it is true.

Just brought the 2 Flowerhorn imported "SRD" from Malaysia. Both are different in characteristics and color. But with beautiful colors and markings and not forgetting the Trademark, the Hump on their head. They are just 4 inches in length and have been with me for nearly a month now.

SRD Flowerhorn
Imported SRD Flowerhorn

Give them a good environment with small stones to play with, not the sharp ones. let me first talk about "SAM" - This SRD is having magnificant blue clour and a nice hump on its head. He took a little more than 10 days to adjust to their new environment. Very inquisitive little creature. Never use to come to take food at the start when I brought him to the store. It took me 10 days constantly to go near the tank and just look at him so that one day he can recognize me. I had my desk right in front of the tank. He use to look at me and then move away when I use to approach him. Never had any food in front of me. Changed the water at least once in 3 days continuously at my aquarium store. I thought I made the mistake of bringing him in the first place.

The question, like is he happy in my store, why is he not eating the best of food served in my presence. why is he running away from me? he use to always be at the rear end of the tank.

With my constant effort on daily basis within 10 days, he started to come to the front end of the tank in my presence. slowly I started giving him food just a few pellets. Started eating and then I slowly started giving both my flowerhorns excellent food from AZOO "the hump booster 9 in 1" and the color enhancing pellets. He has started taking food from my hand the Cichlid Azoo Sticks. But I am wary of his speed and the jumps he gives to have his food.

I also feed them Ocean Nutrition "Veg Pellets" and Brine shrimp Flakes mixed with Spirulina flakes.

Now he is quite known with the customer. He interacts with them. However, I don't like anyone touching the glass and troubling my flowerhorn. He seems comfortable with me especially with and few customers. Not a Shy flowerhorn anymore but he is very observant. Sometimes when the temperature drops, he becomes sightly off mood.

SRD Flowerhorn
SRD Flowerhorn

When It comes to my 2nd Flowerhorn again an SRD...He is different and very friendly from the 2nd day of his arrival. Though he started to take food in my presence from the 2nd day onwards. Never had any problem with "Sylvester" Lovely markings and reddish with excellent finance and active and gentle, unlike SAM who is more aggressive while eating.

BeingOmnivorouss, Both of them are fed on good quality food - Veg and Non-Veg pellets with flakes on other days. I have not been giving them live foods to date.

Caring:- Due care needs to be taken to their needs as the water needs to be clean and Mix diet and most of all they need to see you interact. Beware of hand feeding as I have read that they might attack the owner too. I feed them twice daily with every week water change. If you give them good quality food then they will not mess up their water too much. Always remember this fish requires good filtration and quality food. Through my earlier experience of my friend keeping a flowerhorn, they have a weak digestive system and may suffer from white poo and digestive problems. Keep a watch on this. Giving them good quality food and feeding them twice a day will keep them active. I am planning to De-Worm them once ain while using Seachem Metroplex, Seachem Focus, and Seachem Garlic Guard which acts as an appetizer. Adults should be fed two or three times a day depending on how well their digestive system works. If the size of the portion is right, the fish should usually be done eating in 5 minutes. If that’s not the case or you see food lying at the bottom of the tank, try reducing the amount you give. Please do not overfeed them or any other fish. Do not keep any small fish. Pleco can be a good tank mate. Use safe water conditioners always such as Seachem Prime used in more than 60 countries worldwide. Seachem Prime removes chlorine, chloramine and detoxifies Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate, and provides a slime coat to the fish to fight disease.

Author:- Sunil Dcosta for This article is based on his experience of keeping a flowerhorn at his Aquarium store in Mumbai, India.

You can reach me at +919821798612.


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