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Another Eventful day in Aquatic Paradise - Seachem U.S.A

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

A Round up of Event held in Pune on September 26th, 2019

Have you heard of any company where its staff are hobbyists in the field of providing solutions to an aquarist? A company where hobbyists play a greater role. Where the CEO is not an appointee from Wall Street , but a passionate hobbyist himself. Yes my dear hobbyists, Seachem was founded nearly 35 years back by a passionate hobbyist Dr.LEO G. Morin. With dedicated chemists and biologist as its staff who are themselves hobbyists in this beautiful field of aquatic life where every desktop of a worker has an aquarium to maintain , truly with passion and experiments Seachem has brought forward different effective solutions to an aquarist be it plantation, Freshwater or marine. Seachem has an answer to all and this is not the end they continue to make a difference not only to a professional aquarist but also to a budding newcomer by imparting knowledge and organising seminar.

One such exciting day long event was held in Pune, India in the month of September , 2019 coutersy Aquaworld and Seachem U.S.A . Here, the die hard fans both sellers and hobbyist attended workshop cum seminar organised by Aquaworld and Seachem U.S.A. Brian Miller , Internaional Head for Sales, Seachem with his wit and humour captivated the audience with in-depth knowledge on plantation, freshwater and filteration solutions from Seachem . The session was well attended by around 90-100 people.

Brian Miller touched upon Seachem ‘s array of solutions – water conditioner such as Seachem Prime one its top selling product in the world where a single product removes chlorine, chloromine from the water. IT also detoxifies Ammonia, nitirite and nitrate. I am personally a big fan of Seachem Prime and have tested seachem Prime and seachem Safe (powdered form of Prime) in the fish tank and was very satisfied with the result it gave me. With visual presentation there was so much to learn about the chemistry going into the products. Brian also touched upon another product which effectively called AmGuard which detoxifies the Ammonia for 72 hours with a funny little story about a women who use to feed the fish just little food but had ammonia spike. She could not understand how this was happening until one day she saw fluffy , her cat peeing into the fish tank and Boom Ammonia Spike. What was intended by Brian through the story was that Ammonia comes in different forms and funny little stories. So its better to have knowledge of a product and effective solutions from Seachem to fight any menace at any given point of time..

Seachem Stability – a biological bacteria product, After 10 years of research and study was finally released in the market in the year 2003 and along side Seachem prime has been the best seller so far for the company. Its very important to have the nitrogen cycle up and running. Stability is not a terrestrial bacteria strain but stability is made up off aquatic bacteria strains. Bacteria has to be resilient and aquatic strains had to be developed to fight out ammonia, nitrite and nitrate . strains of bacteria in stability is called non sulphur fixing means they don’t provide hydrogen sulphide gas as part of their life cycle so you will have less hydrogen sulphide accumulated under rocks or any décor.. Stability has a shelf life of 4 years its preserved in the form of “stasis” naturally. Other product such as Seachem Prestine build to break down organic waste. Good for cleaning the existing aquarium plant tank or reef tank.. Clouding is another issue discussed be it bacterial or biological clouding , its very important to know what type of clouding you have but with Seachem Clarity it clear all types of clouding. Easy to use and effective and all seachem products are economical. The other topics which were touched by Brian was filteration and Plantation…Will talk about more on the session in my next Blog.

The event ended with exciting workshop conducted by Syed Shah - an Aquascapist from Hyderabad. He shared his knowledge and superb tips as what to do and not to do in setting up of plantation tanks,

All in all an exhaustive day – a day full of knowledge. I would like to thank Aquaworld

(Farzeneh , Ali and the team) ,Brian and Syed for making our day in pune a truly memorable one. Would like to wish all the hobbyist happy seachming dayyyyys and hope to see you guys next year for another breathtaking event. Cheers!!!

Article written by Sunil Dcosta -


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