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FEEL Relaxed through Aquarium at home.

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I use to always wonder why people keep aquariums at home...some give up easily but some have kept it for a long time.

I got into this fascinating hobby from my childhood and it's been an incredible journey along the way. The most interesting part in all this, was that it relaxed me whenever I observed keenly my aquarium.

When we go in with the nature we see so many wonderful things around us,  the scenic beauty, lush green plantation, the beautiful water flowing and it's sounds that create with it's flow makes us so relaxed..

Water always made me feel relaxed. Just a walk on the beach and just the feel of my aquarium with inhabitants in it , just observing them makes me feel relaxed. It makes me one with the nature though controlled.

A heart patient with high blood pressure and living in a stressful environment , a fish aquarium specially planted is highly recommended...A fish aquarium will soothe the nerves and will relax the mind.

The sheer joy of doing maintenance and  putting my hand in the water every weekend in the aquarium  is very relaxing and so fun...for children it nurtures caring. 

I am so glad that I have  fish tanks for last 20 years that I would not trade for any other hobby in the world.

I was on you tube someday and I was watching some videos...there was an instance how a person who used to be in street fights, gang fights went to jail then turned to aquarium that changed his life for ever and doing etremely well and advising youngsters on fish keeping. Aquarium changed his ways and relaxed him to do better in life and thin positively.

So if you want to be relaxed and stay positive and want to instill the quality of caring in children  Have an aquarium and spread the joy around.

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