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My life as an Aquarist

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Got jobs to do and still manage to be an Aquarist - A Crazy Hobbyist and a thoughtful and guiding Seller. Now you may ask me what a Guiding seller means out here in the Article...

First when I started as an Hobb

yist, I was mis guided by the sellers. No knowledge on the Cycling of the Tank, Brought wrong fish , Compatibility Issues, Mixed Community Fish with the Cichlids...No Guidance..I almost wanted to give up the Hobby.

OB Cichlids

Ice Blue and Sun Fish

But something in me wanted to know , Mr. curiousity took over me,,,Experiments were made, Lots of Reading and Never Give up attitude..The need to know the world of fascinating Aquariums, The Fish both Freshwater and Marine, the design elements, the need to guide somebody was born again in me. What I lost in my earlier life as a Hobbyist I would not like to make others give up..I wanted to be there for others..So here am I after many years of experience I am fortunate enough to guide and be helpful. I just want new Aquarist who are getting into this Aquariums, fascinating underwater Life...I just want to say to them - Never Give Up. So many things on the internet . Research and you will be the Winner. Question the seller , dont buy from a seller who cannot guide you...He will only do the sales Pitch..Always spend more time before buying..Dont overcrowd your tank...and love your fish. I give a lot of importance to water Parameters, Fish Food and Medicines. And yes million Dollar Tip :- do your Maintenance Weekly..Say no to visitors on a day of the week. Dedicate your Time to the Cleaning up of the Tank...Siphoning of the tank if you have a Gravel can be once in a month ,,,But water changes atleast 30 percent should be once a Week...Without fail. As an Aquarist I keep Seachem, NLS and the Medicines (Paraguard, Kanaplex and Polyguard all from SEachem ready. Seachem Prime and Stability are my good Friends. I have made a Chart for Fish Food from New Life Spectrum (NLS)...I also feed Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flakes, Australian Black Worms,

Oh I forgot to tell you My African Chichlids love me, The Picture in the Article is of My Ob Cichlids...

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