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Donts of an Aquarium

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Donts of an Aquarium

Here are the few things which according to my experience as aquarist for so many years , have decided to put a list of DONTS of an Aquarium

  • Dont clean the Tank entirely with new water . Tank maintenance needs to be done once a week. do only 30% water change.

  • Dont clean the tank along with the canister filter on the same day. You will kill the nitrifying bacteria...You will again need to create those beneficial bacteria.

  • Dont overstock the Tank with Fish...A Fish needs atleast 1 gallon of water in the Aquarium

  • Dont put the fish directly into the Tank when you bring it from an Aquarium Shop along with the aquarium shop water...You might introduce disease into the tank..Its best to quarantine the Fish atleast for 2 week before introducing it into the main tank...I use seachem Paraguard while I quarantine.

  • Dont keep the Lights on for 24hrs ...4 to 6 hours is ok ..Planted tanks have got different Norms

  • Dont just bring any Fish to be introduced in the Tank...Just research on the Compatibility of the might just get the monster who might just fight and stress out the other inmates.

  • Dont invest in a tank just for the heck of it or just because your neighbour has it...It should be your passion to own one.,.it is your responsibility to give a good environment to your fish with good water quality. Excellent quality fish food.

  • And last but important Dont release the fish from your Aquarium into the Lake or any pond, you might just disturb the ecology and it might be illegal releasing piranha into the lake..Think about it.

Love your Fish and they will love you.

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Author : Sunil Dcosta ( +919821798612


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