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We are Different, We Educate !

Through our Blogs , Knowledge Articles, And India's Only Aquarium Magazine. The Aquafishcare Times

We not only Sell,  We Educate! 

The Best Customer is an Educated Customer!

The Aquafishcare Times Magazine

Welcome to The Aquafishcare Times, India's pioneering aquarium magazine dedicated to enriching the knowledge of aquarists. Committed to promoting education and enlightenment within the aquarium community, The Aquafishcare Times proudly presents a platform that caters to the diverse interests of Indian aquarium hobbyists. As the foremost publication of its kind in the nation, we embark on a journey to delve into the depths of aquaria, unraveling a treasure trove of insights, trends, and expertise.

Within our pages, you will discover a comprehensive exploration of topics, ranging from insightful articles and the nuances of planted tanks to the intricacies of marine aquariums. We showcase interviews with industry experts, offering their valuable perspectives and wisdom. Additionally, our magazine highlights company profiles, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of the aquarium industry. The Aquafishcare Times is your gateway to a vibrant and informed aquarium community, fostering a passion for the aquatic world.

Featured News: At your finger tips 

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Insect-based fish food: A sustainable solution

BSF Larvae as Sustainable Protein: Advantages and Precautions for Ornamental Fish

Nano Aquarium Elegance: Mastering Art and Aquatic Balance

Miniature Marvels: Crafting Artistic Aquatic Landscapes in Compact Nano Aquariums

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Feature: Species Focus

Dive into Delight: Flowerhorn Care Tips for a Fintastic Aquarium Experience

The Comprehensive Guide to Flowerhorn Care: Optimal Diet, Maintenance, and Best Practices for a Thriving Aquarium Environment

Experts Speak / Interviews

Insights and Perspectives: Leading Voices of the Indian Aquarium Industry. In-depth Interviews and Analysis for a Profound Understanding of the Indian Aquarium Sector.


1 Nov 2023

Tom Sarac on Fluval: Advancing Aquarium Technology and Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration - An Exclusive Interview.


7 Aug 2023

CKZ Discus Founder Chandra Kiran gets an International Award at the INADS held in Indonesia

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