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Failure of Co2 leads to Algae Boom

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I was so happy to go for an outing with my family, I had taken care of everything in my planted tank. Had installed a new Co2 Cylinder which was just 10 days old. I was all set for my holidays. My Co2 and my Lights were on Digital Timers. I had even dosed with macro and Micro a couple of days back on two separate days. I knew I will be out for 10 days. It was my High Tech Tank with lots of plants. like anubias, ludwiga, Rotala etc. When I cam Back Disaster struck my Planted Tank...With Algae Boom All my plants were covered with Algae. Was very sad to see my favorite plants too all covered with algae. What really happened was my co2 cylinder failed me. There was a possibility of leakage, The cylinder was empty..The lights were on for 5 hours. Slowly and slowly my tank got covered with algae (Green Algae and hair algae). There was no fish food given during this period except on one particular day. I had tried the technique of blackout covering on all sides for a week..It did not exactly helped me...Sadly I had to throw away all my plants and wash the tank and scrap the tank. But the Best part of the whole thing was a lesson learnt so that I could share with you my experience. But It was a blessing in disguise as I wanted to aquascape a new Idea with monte carlo and introduce shrimps. I wanted to get in some new design..My old tank was nearly 2 years old..Its given me an opportunity to do something new.and experiment so that I can share new experience to all my readers. Will do something new in the following New Year. I must say that

is a beautiful soil with good results and the growth of the stem plants is excellent. During the process of experimentation I also used Aquavitro premium range from

and also Tropica Fertilizer. It was a great experience and a great learning curve..And to my opinion Algae remover do not actually work...if you want to remove algae or control then read my previous blogs. All my blogs are shared experience which a beginner can take help and venture with caution. visit

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