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Getting Rid of Algae - 3 month Old Tank

Updated: Feb 1

I am very new to planted tank, just 3 months old ...I was very hesitant to start a planted aquarium. I was into African Cichlids setup..Planted tanks were never my forte. But a visit to a friends place and lots of contemplating got me to experiment on a planted here is my story.. Visit my website

I started my tank 3 months back. ITs a 3 feet tank - approximate 48 US gallons.

I had an Algae Issue in my 3 month old tank,,,It was my first tank planted..I started reading and experimenting in what I read, these were my findings,,,

The first thing that caused my algae in the tank was a stag horn algae ( The Stubborn Algae as I would like to call it)

A bit disappointed at the start...Since I wanted to get Rid of the Algae fst and watching some videos, I wanted immediate results, First of ll let me tell you all readers that it is important to find out the causes of the algae First rather then coming out with a solution to get rid of the Algae ...

What are the causes...So these were my findings again -

1) Im-balance of nutrients...:- Being New person to the planted tank and eager to succeed , I started dosing Macro and Micro Nutrients,,,So boom boom invited algae unknowingly. I started dosing nutrients and NPK on a daily basis..(my mistake). I use Tropica plantation Soil for my aquarium. Which is with nutrients. ( Did not realise it first)..So again my mistake...My nutrients were going overboard...

2) was using 1BPS of pressurised co2...too much of light for few plants. Fortunately not had too many fish. Feeding was the issue..Must have over fed a little sometime ...Ammonia...

I thought of cutting the Leaves to avoid spreading ..lucky I saw it much in advance..

What to do when your soil comes with nutrients...Go slow on dosing..Some Aquarist even told me not to dose for first 3 months specially when the soil is new...Let the tank settle, mature , plants need to adjust themselves use the nutrients of the soil.

The Plan ( addressing the Issue first)

I started dosing very less of NPK ( just once a week) I dose with Aquavitro (Premium range of products from Seachem) I also used Flourish Excel once a way.. Aquavitro is not so expensive in the long run...It surely gives the desired result..Just need to use a fraction of the content...Always read the instruction..All depends upon the gallons...

I also started cutting down on dosing the micro nutrients (just once a week mainly pottassium and Iron.

I cut down the lights from 8 hours to 5 hours....very less...When I travel out station I do not feed my fish on my travel days ..They can rely on the Algae around..

Yes I improved my filtration , Currently using Eheim Classic ...for all round filtration. And Change 40-50% of water on weekly basis. To get rid of excess nutrients.

My tank started showing results of my effort...

Just a learning :-Be a Gardner

No shortcuts

Fail and learn ...Dont be ashmed to fail

Read, check and execute

Remember every tank has an algae...Even expert Aquarist will have a problem

Finally :- A Serious Aquarist will never Give up.

My current 3 month Tank For Purchase of Aquavitro,( call on +919821798612 Seachem, , Tropica Visit

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